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Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana Protein Shake


A yummy step toward a skinnier you!

A yummy step toward a skinnier you!

In the process of losing three babies’ worth of weight, I have begun a love affair with smoothies and shakes. I didn’t know what I was doing at first- I was just tossing fruits, veggies, and juice into the blender and figuring out which combinations tasted best. I have since learned how to make sure I’m getting the nutrients I need and how to make them more filling so that I can repalce meals without being starving or feeling like I’m missing out on good food. Here is one recipe I have coome up with that is my current favorite! I use this as a breakfast shake, and it keeps me full until lunch. It’s also good as a snack right before I work out (Zumba anyone?) or as a cure for a sweet tooth. Try it out and enjoy!

Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana Protein Shake

One large frozen banana (I buy bananas in bulk, then cut and freeze them for smoothies because I haven’t been able to find pre-packaged frozen bananas at my usual stores)

Two tablespoons 0% plain Greek yogurt

One heaping tablespoon creamy peanut butter or almond butter w/ honey

Half or full scoop protein powder (depending on how full you want to get and your protein needs)

Chocolate almond milk (as much as you want for how thin you prefer your shakes. I like mine thicker, so I use about 1/3 cup)

Blend it all together and enjoy!

For She Who Lives With Jesus {a miscarriage story}


Clementine: (french), means mercy

I am near sleep on the same couch I’ve laid on for days. Tear streaks are still moist on my cheeks as I nuzzle into the pillow. I’m not sure why I still cry for this small person, whoever they were to be. I feel the hand of God faithfully on me as I wait for the remnants of pregnancy to leave as blood from my body. I have come a long way from my first reaction that day in the doctor’s office. It had been my first checkup on our surprise pregnancy. I had finally come to accept that I was having a fourth child, despite how overwhelmed I already was by our three, and despite the fight I had put up with God for giving me this. I was excited to see the baby and create a stronger bond between mother and unborn child. 

But the doctor’s face was emotionless as she looked. 

“I don’t see… you should be further along, according to your last period. Have you been spotting at all?”

Oh no. 

I had never experienced this. Until this point, I had been blessed with healthy pregnancies and growing babies. I’d never seen this look, heard this awkward silence, been asked these questions through stutters and skips. 

“Just take it easy and we’ll check again in two weeks.”

After two weeks of fear and giving the situation to God again and again, I laid on the doctor’s table for the second time.

“Okay… your baby is not growing, and the sac has collapsed. You will begin miscarrying any day.”

God, I need you. 

I waited, and cried, and waited, and cried, and waited some more. 

God was there. I don’t know much. I don’t know all the medical facts of miscarriage or pregnancy or the how’s and why’s to things like this happening to loving people, but I do know that God was with me. He met me right where I was, as messy as my heart was in that time of knowing I was carrying my dead child, waiting for them to bleed out of me. He was there and His hand was physically on me. I could feel it; I could feel Him in every thing I did in those days. 

Finally, tablets were given to me to help my body move along in the process. I was thankful for the time to grieve and accept before the bleeding started. Feeling emotionally void of anger and confusion, and full of faith and knowing my God was with me, I took the tablets.

And here I am, asleep on my couch, prepared for my first miscarriage to begin; waiting for the blood that will empty me of my baby. My last thoughts echo in my subconscious. I had been talking to God when slumber hit…

Lord, if I could just know my baby, in the smallest way…

If I could just be shown who this person is. Show me my child in heaven!

If it is Your will, show me something to give me peace and closure.

I dream in beautiful colors and see my bare feet walk the road to the gates, where I am greeted by beautiful people in my life, both already passed and still living. As I hug them all and look past them, I see her. A beautiful little girl with light brown hair, short and wavy, smiling and skipping up to me.

“Hi! I’m Clementine.”

And I know it’s her. My heart feels as full as it did the days I gave birth to my three living children. This meeting feels the same as those ones. The knowing I feel is overwhelming me. And I wake.

In honor of my fourth baby, who lives with Jesus.

Clementine June

We will hold you soon!


And heaven meets earth like an unforeseen kiss.

And my heart turns violently inside of my chest.

I don’t have time to maintain these regrets.

When I think about the way

He loves us

Oh, how He loves us

Oh, how He loves us

How He loves 

Birthday Happenings + Something New + A Giveaway!

Birthdays are happening up in heee-uh! I’m turning twenty-six next week, and The Purposeful Housewife is now two years old. I can’t believe I’ve been blogging for two years already! The blog actually turned two in March, but life got a little crazy around here, so I had to put off the celebration until now. But believe you me, it’s worth the wait! Alicia Daniel of Ready or Knit has contributed some knitted goodies that are to. die. for. Seriously! I also have something new coming to the blog that I can’t wait to share with you!

But before we get to that, I want to take a minute to celebrate the last two years. I’ve had two babies, poured my heart out onto this computer screen, listened to your encouraging words, made friends with readers, connected with women all over the world {in places I hadn’t even heard of!}, and seen the hand of God touch me through my own words. I feel like I have battled with staying true to myself here, afraid to let my personality show through and offend someone, but have come out the other side of that fear confident, a little tamed by the grace of God, and joyful in who He made me. I am so blessed by all that has come out of writing as The Purposeful Housewife. Having my own space to share my heart and put myself out there has been huge in my walk with the Lord and I have been stretched and learned so much! I wish I could thank each and every one of my readers in person over a cup of coffee and some laughter. I really do. You  all have been so sweet and kind and supportive. Friends. Thank you!

Alright, on to the good stuff. For the past two years, I have written strictly about womanhood, marriage, and motherhood from a faith-based perspective, which has been amazing and used by God. But I have come to love blogging, not just writing {there is a big difference}. Writing about serious spiritual topics isn’t something I can do more often than a few times a month. It just isn’t something that makes for easy, weekly posts, so my blog is only published to every so often. This isn’t what I want. I want to share fresh ideas, homemaking tips, simple style and beauty ideas for busy moms like myself, and other posts on easy topics. I want this blog to flow well and come to life. I want to interact with you all more often and post here weekly. I am going to start this new chapter on the blog by introducing a short series on hair. I will share with you how I do my hair on a daily basis {an answer to quite a few emails from you all}, simple ways to pull it back while still looking cute, and tips from my friend Alisha, a professional hair stylist. I am so super excited about this!

All this talk about hair leads me to the super cute giveaway…

I’m about ready to keep these items for myself. Kidding. Well… not really. But I promised a birthday giveaway and I’m gonna deliver. I’m also gonna hit Alicia’s shop pretty hard after seeing all the adorable little head treats she makes! Here are photos of Alicia Daniel wearing the items in the giveaway…

Knitted bow headband in mustard yellow from Ready Or Knit

Knitted bow headband in mustard yellow from Ready Or Knit


Knitted turban-style headband from Ready Or Knit

Knitted turban-style headband from Ready Or Knit


Ready to enter?? Here’s what you do…

If you haven’t “liked” me on Facebook yet, click here. Once you’ve clicked “like”, look at my page and choose a recent post {it can even be this one} and click “share” to share it on your Facebook page, then send me a message with your email address. That’s it, done. You’re entered. If you want your name in the draw twice, share my blog URL on your Twitter and tag me {@allie_tph}. I will be using to choose the winner and keep it honest. ONE WINNER WILL WIN BOTH HEADBANDS. Don’t forget to send me your email address so I can alert you if you win! The winner will be announced on Wednesday! Good luck!

ANNOUNCEMENT: the winner of the Ready Or Knit giveaway is…. Kara Hunt! Congrats Kara!

Everyone else, there will be another giveaway within the next two weeks, so don’t lose heart 😉

What Made Me Smile This Week

It’s the second Saturday of What Made Me Smile! I am so glad to have a new weekly thing here on the blog. Here are the photos of moments that brought a smile to my face this week.

Note: if you want to see more of my life in photos, follow me on Instagram! Username is allie_thatsme

1. My friend Marissa is having a baby girl next month, and I had the honor of hosting her “sprinkle”, a very small, intimate, prayerful version of a baby shower. Her mom, grandmothers, and a few very close friends gathered at my house for a waffle brunch, a time of anointing and prayer for Marissa and baby Raegann, and a game a Pictionary too. It was so much fun! And if you know me at all, you know how much I love party planning.

Pom-poms and flower-filled mason jars were everywhere, even hanging in my tree.

Pom-poms and flower-filled mason jars were everywhere, even hanging in my tree.

2. I am a salad-lover. But sometimes I’m in a rush or just out of all the ingredients needed to create a really yummy salad. I discovered Lean Cuisine’s new Salad Creations this week… yum! I tried the Asian Chicken Salad first and polished it off within a few minutes! Filling, healthy, and delicious. All you do is add plain lettuce.

Lean Cuisine's Salad Creations, Asian Chicken Salad

Lean Cuisine’s Salad Creations, Asian Chicken Salad… almost all gone.

3. Bella has been asking a lot about worship. I talked to her about how we can worship God anywhere and in all we do. At the local lake this week, she wandered ahead of us a little, seeming to want a quiet moment, I caught up to her and found her with her hands in the air, looking out at the water. Biggest smile of the week for me.

satbella4. There’s nothing like a delicious midnight snack to bring a smile to your face! Well, I snuck into the sacred Oreo bag the other night around 4AM when I couldn’t fall back asleep. Dipped in milk just long enough to get soft, perfection.

satsnack5. My incredibly sweet husband built me a table! Err, is building me a table {it’s not quite finished yet}. I went to Starbucks to write and came home to this beautiful table, just like the one I have been admiring on Pinterest for months. Love!


There was a lot of negative in my life this week. But these What Made Me Smile posts are showing me how to focus on the positive, on the gifts. What was smile-worthy in your week?



Spring Cleaning Me

{photo is my own}

{photo is my own}


I love love love spring! And I love a clean, organized house. But that’s not so easy to come by with three littles making messes behind me as I pick up. Last year I didn’t do much spring cleaning because I was very pregnant with an eleven-pound baby boy {oof!}. And we moved! So this year I have been especially excited for a fresh start and an extra-clean house. I have been working on getting caught up on my usual, weekly chores like sweeping and steaming the floors, washing all the bedding, and tackling the mountain of laundry that recently shacked up in my closet. I must admit that I’ve been battling laziness and some depression. One night last week, after finally bringing it to the Lord in prayer {why do I always wait so long to run to Him?} I collected myself, armed with His love and peace, and decided it wasn’t a depression caused by chemical imbalance, but a choice. And I got over it. I just… did. I pushed myself, said NO to the couch, and forced myself to do what I am called to do- make my house a home, serve my husband, and nurture my children. I did a little taking care of my body and voila! I feel so much better and can definitely say I am out of the slump.

The way I felt after pushing myself was incredible compared to how I had been feeling. This got me thinking. I am spring cleaning my house, but it’s me that needs dusting and re-organizing most. I am in desperate need of a fresh start this season, and it can’t wait for the New Year. Here are a few of the things I am wanting to spring clean in myself:

  • How I spend my time. I need to put some serious thought into time management. I am disheveled in every area of my life- housework, time with my  husband, being productive in my days at home, homeschooling my daughter {I am just beginning}, my blog, everything.
  • My purpose. Ironic as it is with my title and all, I have lost my purpose as a homemaker. I need to put it in writing and look at it before I start each day. I need to look at where I’m going as I take steps instead of hoping for the best.
  • My health. I have already decided to stop making excuses and put myself higher on the priority list, but it needs to stay that way, and I need to be more purposeful about it, especially in my eating.
  • Make time for the things I love. I recently shared with the women at my mommy book club that I am feeling joy-less at home. I have stopped “attending to my soul” as Sally Clarkson would say. I don’t read books anymore unless they are about marriage or parenting, I stopped bringing fresh flowers into my home. These are things that I love and that bring me joy!
  • Attack my yelling problem. I have said it before and I will say it again. I yell. It’s a knee-jerk reaction and a terrible habit that runs in my family. No excuses. It’s not up to God’s standards so it shouldn’t be up to mine.

My personal list is a bit longer, but those are the main changes I feel really need to be made as I have spring cleaning on the brain. Hopefully and prayerfully, I will have an organized linen cabinet, clean laundry, a novel on my coffee table, a quieter spirit, and a daily routine at the end of spring this year.

What about you? Are you doing any spring cleaning of any kind this year? Tell me about it in the comments. 🙂

My Big Breakaway {part 4}

My view from the plane

My view from the plane

I said goodbye to Jules, my heart heavy and emotions playing tug-of-war. A part of me wanted desperately to stay and have more time to think, change, and sip coffee with my best friend. Another part of me was more-than-ready to get home and back to normal life. I checked in, went through airport security, found my gate, and sat down to wait for my flight while reflecting on my breakaway.


My last day had been the most healing, the most inspiring, and the most peaceful of all six days. Jules and I had gotten home from New York the night before, and sleep came easy for me. We woke up and spent a leisurely morning together over coffee and cinnamon rolls. Jules pushed for us to get out of the apartment and see the last of places she had hoped to show me, Ghent. Ghent is a little colonial old-town in Virginia, sprinkled with aging book stores and brick streets. I resisted getting out. I felt like we had been too busy and I hadn’t had time to reflect or change. All I wanted was to lie around, drink too much coffee, overdose on cinnamon rolls, and maybe take a nap at some point. But Jules knows me well, and she knew I needed to get outside while I could. And so we got dressed and headed to Ghent.

The sound of my boots hitting the vintage street and the smell of the nearby sea was soul-refreshing. I breathed in the salty air and breathed out my troubles. The sight of adorable colonial houses cleared the cobwebs from my mind. The laughter that poured out of my lips while posing for silly pictures with wooden mermaids healed my heart-wounds. I had been thinking too much. What I really needed was to just let go and enjoy this getaway. I didn’t even waste time regretting that I hadn’t realized this sooner. I just kept walking, kept laughing, kept posing for pictures, kept counting bricks, kept smiling at passing strangers, kept sipping my coffee, kept track of gifts in my head.


The flight attendant began calling out zone numbers for boarding. I stood and waited. I had been given an aisle seat for both flights on the way here. I hoped for a window seat this time, but wasn’t expectant. My first flight toward home was so short it barely felt like we had gotten into the air. I boarded the second plane for the long, nearly-seven-hour flight to Los Angeles. Homeward bound. I found my seat number and smiled. A window seat. Finally. I added this to the growing list of gifts in my head. Thank you, God for window seats and opportunities to feel closer to You.

My perspective had changed in only a few days. Ann Voskamp, Ghent, the nudging of the Spirit, and time away had all taught me that it’s a choice- a choice to look for the gifts in the mundane and the amazing. Sometimes, when things are good and my days are bright, it’s easy. Other days, when troubles rise like waves and fall like cement, it’s very very difficult. But it’s a choice, and it’s an art, and it’s the key to true joy.

Things That Made Me Smile {a new weekly thang here}

So, I was sitting at Starbucks, looking through the pictures on my hone and I noticed something. I take a lot of pictures throughout the day. Even when I don’t leave the house and I’m just doing my daily housewife stuff, I am pretty much always snapping pictures. There were so many snapshots of things that caught my eye and brought a smile to my face. It gave me an idea that I’m pretty stoked about. I’m starting a new thing here at TPH- a weekly post that will sum up my week in photos. I’m calling it Things That Made Me Smile. Every Saturday, I’ll pick five or so photos of things that brought a smile to my face and share them with you. Remember on the old site when I did High Five for Friday? Well, it’ll be kinda like that, but more me, and more about the pictures. What do you think?! I love it.

And of course it is Saturday so I am starting today! Oh, and if you want to see more than just a few photos of my busy housewife life, follow me on Instagram won’t ya? @allie_thatsme


1. One night this week, a friend offered to sit at our house while the kids slept and I drove to Escondido to pick Brian up from work. I left at 7:15 and we didn’t get home until 2:00 in the morning! There was some huge semi-truck accident- someone had stolen a strawberry truck and flipped it in the middle of the freeway, causing the most traffic we had ever seen! As far as I heard, no one was badly hurt, and a little good came out of it. The strawberries weren’t able to meet their destination so they were sent to the local grocery store my godfather manages. I got a TON of delicious, perfect, fresh strawberries for super cheap! I brought four big flats of them home, washed and sliced them, then stuck them in the freezer. They’ll be perfect for smoothies, jam, and the Frosty Strawberry Squares my friend, Betsi told me about that I will be making for Sunday lunch tomorrow {she also has a gluten-and-dairy-free recipe for them here}.

2. If you know me, you know I love cats. I take in kitties with no homes as often as I am told about them. We recently adopted Willy {who still barely comes out from under my bathroom cabinets} and this week we adopted Millie. She is only four months old and super playful! She is much better for this house and loves playing with the kids! Welcome to the family, Millie!

3. I joined a new gym that comes with a fairly harsh motivator app. Oh, and I hired a personal trainer and nutritionist. More on that coming soon…

4. We went to the duck pond twice this week! It was just so perfect outside and the kids love it so much… couldn’t resist! Bella clearly had a blast!

5. Hudson took his first bath in the actual tub {he’s usually a sink bath kinda guy}. Leland joined in too and I got some great pictures of them laughing and splashing. Good memories right there 🙂

6. This little note caught my eye as I was scrolling through We Heart It, as I do when I can’t fall asleep. Such a beautiful truth I forget all too easily and all too often. Filled me with thankfulness!

I hope each of you has a beautiful weekend filled with family and choosing to look for the good!

My Big Breakaway {part 3}


I walked next to Jules on the icy concrete of New York City. Our heads were down to keep the falling snow out of our eyes, and our knitted head-wraps were damp with melting flakes of ice. Our seven-hour road trip had been full of music, laughing, talking, and sweet memories. We had checked into our hotel and hurried out into the unfamiliar cold (we are definitely Cali girls at heart), eager to see what the Big Apple held for us to explore and capture with our cameras. After stopping at Panera for a warm, much-needed lunch, we found ourselves in Barnes & Noble, a favorite place for both of us. We grabbed a coffee to share and slowly browsed the aisles of books. This was something I was always trying to escape to do on my own, and here I was, and in New York City too! Perfection.

We saw the public library, the Empire State building, Central Park, and other famous places, snapping photographs all along the way and soaking our boots purchased in California stores, designed for California weather. Nothing matters. We were having a blast and soaking up this incredible opportunity.

Every night of my trip, I FaceTimed my husband and kids. We chatted about our days, gave kisses to the phone screens, and said goodnight face-to-face. And every night, Jules would fall asleep and I would struggle with my inner California clock, lie awake, my thoughts a whirl.

Is taking a plane across the country really the only way to get refreshed when I’m this drained and overwhelmed? 

What if I get back home and I am overwhelmed again right away?

What if I don’t realize what I need to on this trip? What if I’m not refreshed and it’s all for nothing?

Shouldn’t I be able to find joy in my days at home with the kids?

Doesn’t God want me to have abundant life? Joy?

What’s wrong with me, that I can’t be thankful? Where am I going wrong?

Those nights I couldn’t fall asleep until long after Jules were precious. I would read One Thousand Gifts and write in my journal. I would ponder and pray and mentally work through my struggles without interruption. I still had serious questions about God and why my family suffered so much last year, but I was learning how to live day-to-day without totally losing it. I was learning all about counting God’s gifts in the most mundane places, and looking for the good in the boring, the stunning in the simple.

Maybe the reason I have lived a life of scattered, splotchy joy is because I haven’t been opening my eyes wide enough to see it all.

Jesus gave thanks even before he was crucified. Shouldn’t I be able to give thanks in the life I am blessed with? In the laundry, the dishes, the changing of diapers, and the endless cooking? Shouldn’t that be so much easier than what Jesus had to do?

My thoughts ran wild, and eventually led me to my perspective.

If I were to change my perspective from “poor me” and “my goal is for every day to work out somewhat perfectly” to “thank you, Lord for this day just as it is” and “I take whatever cup You give me, Lord, no matter what it holds. I trust You”, maybe I would lose those pesky expectations that always creep in and bring disappointment. Maybe I would gain a thankful heart, a truly thankful-no-matter-what-happens heart. Maybe it’s all in my perspective.

I resolved to think about this tomorrow, and come up with a plan to put my desired perspective into action. I was determined to change my at-home life, and it had to happen before I went back.