Five Minute Friday {broken}

Linking up with Lisa Jo Baker of The Gypsy Mama this beautiful Friday morning. Lisa beckons us writers to do what we say we love, but over-edit far too often- just write. For five minutes. No editing, no over-thinking. Just write till the timer beeps and see what comes out.

All my life, my head was filled with knowledge. Knowledge of God-facts, Scripture, theology, biblical history. I have grown up knowing all the ins and outs of Scripture. I recited, repeated, memorized, and took dubious notes.

I graduated.
I married.
I had children.
And then, one day, I crashed.

When I opened my eyes and saw the signs of the wreck all around me, I could see, clearly, that I was broken.

The head knowledge didn’t matter. It was still there, but the problem was it was nowhere near my heart. This had caused the brokenness. I was so broken it hurt.

Crying in the midst of my own rubble was painful.

I asked to see Him, some sign of Him, so I could know the head knowledge was more than the result of memorization and note-taking. Through the clouds He came, He showed me His perfect face and nail-scarred hands. I touched Him and He whispered His love for me in my ear.

It seems being broken is what fixed the problem I never saw.



4 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday {broken}

  1. Hi Allie! Visiting from Gypsy Mama today.

    I love what you touch on here. That “head knowledge” is so easy to acquire, isn’t i? I can totally relate. I’m one of those dorks who loves being a student. I love to study, to research, to dig deeper. I relish in filling my brain with that head knowledge. But, I think that part of why I enjoy it so much is because it is something I can DO. It’s something I can CONTROL. I struggle so much with wanting to do more and control more and somehow I seek God in this way. Funny….it never works. Like you say, it is only when I truly recognize my brokenness and come to him scarred, weary, and with open hands that he truly shows his grace in ways I never imagined.

    Thank you for your words today.

    May your Good Friday be blessed!

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