Birthday Happenings + Something New + A Giveaway!

Birthdays are happening up in heee-uh! I’m turning twenty-six next week, and The Purposeful Housewife is now two years old. I can’t believe I’ve been blogging for two years already! The blog actually turned two in March, but life got a little crazy around here, so I had to put off the celebration until now. But believe you me, it’s worth the wait! Alicia Daniel of Ready or Knit has contributed some knitted goodies that are to. die. for. Seriously! I also have something new coming to the blog that I can’t wait to share with you!

But before we get to that, I want to take a minute to celebrate the last two years. I’ve had two babies, poured my heart out onto this computer screen, listened to your encouraging words, made friends with readers, connected with women all over the world {in places I hadn’t even heard of!}, and seen the hand of God touch me through my own words. I feel like I have battled with staying true to myself here, afraid to let my personality show through and offend someone, but have come out the other side of that fear confident, a little tamed by the grace of God, and joyful in who He made me. I am so blessed by all that has come out of writing as The Purposeful Housewife. Having my own space to share my heart and put myself out there has been huge in my walk with the Lord and I have been stretched and learned so much! I wish I could thank each and every one of my readers in person over a cup of coffee and some laughter. I really do. You  all have been so sweet and kind and supportive. Friends. Thank you!

Alright, on to the good stuff. For the past two years, I have written strictly about womanhood, marriage, and motherhood from a faith-based perspective, which has been amazing and used by God. But I have come to love blogging, not just writing {there is a big difference}. Writing about serious spiritual topics isn’t something I can do more often than a few times a month. It just isn’t something that makes for easy, weekly posts, so my blog is only published to every so often. This isn’t what I want. I want to share fresh ideas, homemaking tips, simple style and beauty ideas for busy moms like myself, and other posts on easy topics. I want this blog to flow well and come to life. I want to interact with you all more often and post here weekly. I am going to start this new chapter on the blog by introducing a short series on hair. I will share with you how I do my hair on a daily basis {an answer to quite a few emails from you all}, simple ways to pull it back while still looking cute, and tips from my friend Alisha, a professional hair stylist. I am so super excited about this!

All this talk about hair leads me to the super cute giveaway…

I’m about ready to keep these items for myself. Kidding. Well… not really. But I promised a birthday giveaway and I’m gonna deliver. I’m also gonna hit Alicia’s shop pretty hard after seeing all the adorable little head treats she makes! Here are photos of Alicia Daniel wearing the items in the giveaway…

Knitted bow headband in mustard yellow from Ready Or Knit

Knitted bow headband in mustard yellow from Ready Or Knit


Knitted turban-style headband from Ready Or Knit

Knitted turban-style headband from Ready Or Knit


Ready to enter?? Here’s what you do…

If you haven’t “liked” me on Facebook yet, click here. Once you’ve clicked “like”, look at my page and choose a recent post {it can even be this one} and click “share” to share it on your Facebook page, then send me a message with your email address. That’s it, done. You’re entered. If you want your name in the draw twice, share my blog URL on your Twitter and tag me {@allie_tph}. I will be using to choose the winner and keep it honest. ONE WINNER WILL WIN BOTH HEADBANDS. Don’t forget to send me your email address so I can alert you if you win! The winner will be announced on Wednesday! Good luck!

ANNOUNCEMENT: the winner of the Ready Or Knit giveaway is…. Kara Hunt! Congrats Kara!

Everyone else, there will be another giveaway within the next two weeks, so don’t lose heart 😉


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